IMG-20170721-WA0008_resizedCorporate mentoring, team building & leadership

As a business manager, developing and growing your team is vital for success. To do this you need the right skills and techniques to improve your employees’ performance. Coaching, mentoring and team building skills can help your organisation be prepared for today’s challenges and those of the future.


Your employees need to know you’re there to help them achieve their objectives. During our sessions with you, we will coach you to be an inspiring leader, to provide constructive feedback on performance and to handle conflict well.


Our facilitators can act as mentors to your senior staff at key transitional moments in their careers, creating a safe space in which to explore different aspects of the employee’s personality and how these can help them reach their career objectives. We can also offer group mentoring.

Team Building

Team building can be a great way to build morale and camaraderie within your company. We offer experiential team-building activities at our new centre in Monmouthshire. Challenging team building programmes with horses are fun and exciting, with team members learning to overcome obstacles, from simple problem-solving to more complex challenges that encourage creative thinking.

Making It Work

Our coaching, mentoring and team building programmes are designed to help your people grow and develop. We can help you choose the right program for your company by first discussing your needs and aspirations with you. Get in touch to discuss your requirements with us and we can propose an appropriate programme with our wonderful horses.