Thandi Rudin

Thandi Rudin
Equine Facilitated Learning Practitioner PgCert
Thandi has completed Foundation Training in EFL, allowing her to work with a range of non-clinical clients, using EFL techniques and horse exercises to facilitate a therapeutic relationship between horse and client. Thandi trained with the Tavistock Institute and holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Child, Adolescent and Family Mental Wellbeing: Multi-disciplinary Practice. She has also completed Foundation Training in Systemic Family Therapy, accredited by the Association of Family Therapy (AFT) and has started a Masters in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. Thandi has nearly 20 years’ experience of working with children, adolescents and families with multiple complex needs, including social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. For the last decade Thandi has supported some of the most vulnerable families in Brighton, Bristol and South Gloucestershire. She has worked with those considered most high risk of social exclusion, homelessness, the criminal justice system and children on the edge of care. Thandi has substantial knowledge and experience in the field of Domestic Abuse and has facilitated both perpetrator programmes and victim recovery groups, for adults and children. Thandi also has significant experience of working with young offenders in custody, as well as female offenders on probation. Thandi has a lifetime of equestrian experience, growing up with horses and learning from a young age about their powerfully healing presence. Thandi still has her own horses and is passionate about EFL. Thandi is particularly interested in the ‘relationship’ and how EFL can facilitate growth and learning between horse and human but also the clients ‘sense of self’ and their relationship with themselves.

Thank you so much for your support in working with me through this, it's been an amazing journey - I feel so much lighter.”


After the accident the world was a different place for my son, thank you for giving us back our little boy.”


I went to see the family last night and I was really pleased with the progress, thank you so much for your hard work.”

Family Therapist