Could you help fund a Bursary?


We are currently looking for donations to fund a bursary where we can provide access to sessions for children, young people and individuals who are struggling to cope.

There are many people out there who wish to access Equine Assisted Therapy but have limited funds available to them. Our desire is to address this imbalance so that this effective form of therapy is available to all.

Alternatively you might be able to help in other ways?

How about sponsoring one of the horses? Put some new flooring in our arena? Funding an Apprenticeship? Helping us build or buy some jumps or poles for an obstacle course? Putting a field shelter up to protect the horses in winter and summer?

  • The cost of keeping a horse is £200 per month and we are looking for people who wish to sponsor our horses.  Within this bespoke package,the sponsor would be given time to develop a fulfilling relationship with their chosen horse.
  • Our Arena needs to have a more solid footing, so we are looking not only to raise funds but also for some volunteers to help us make this possible.
  • We have taken on an Apprentice to not only be involved in the day to day care of looking after our beautiful herd of horses, but to also become a trained and valuable part of our  team.
  • We are always on the lookout for extra poles/jumps that we can use in our Arena as these are an essential part of equine therapy.

We look forward to hearing from you and thank you in advance for your support.