Personal development is lifelong. Early life development and formative experiences help shape who we are as adults. By setting goals for ourselves and reflecting on our skills and qualities, we can increase our chances of a rich and rewarding life. Horses can play a powerful role in this process.

The Equine Therapy Center can provide you with a very tranquil and supportive space for self-discovery and a clear focus on decision making to help you work towards your goals and achieve your full potential.

We help you identify the skills you need, to set life goals that can enhance your employability, raise your confidence and help you tackle challenges, make decisions and seize opportunities. By planning to make relevant, positive and effective life choices and decisions, you are taking control of your life and will feel more empowered.

Therapeutic services

These are some of the goals you might have in mind:

•  improving self-awareness and self-knowledge •  improving social abilities
•  improving mental and physical health •  building or renewing identity/self-esteem
•  improving skills, strengths and talents or learning new ones •  improving employability
•  initiating a life enterprise •  spiritual development
•  fulfilling aspirations
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