John Witt

John Witt

I became personally involved with Humanistic Psychotherapy in 1977, started training in 1979 and practising in 1983. This is the short version…

A necessarily brief outline of my therapeutic journey: between 1979 and 1981 I experienced in some depth a variety of different approaches, from Psychosynthesis to Primal Integration, to Gestalt, to Transactional Analysis. In 1981 I began my personal and professional relationship with Spectrum in London – I was on their staff group for eight years and worked there between 1989 and 2000 when I left London. When I started working in Bristol I cofounded the Alma Vale Centre in 2001, where I worked till 2016 when I decided to stop seeing individual clients on a regular basis.

In my experience personal and professional growth and development requires ongoing effort and takes time – I have seen and experienced a variety of approaches which promise quick results – and have always been disappointed. A weekend, a single session, however profound an experience, can point to what is potentially there – then comes the real work – the slow, step by step, process of change, involving an inner re-forming through the deepening relationship with the therapist.

I came across E.T.C. in 2016 – after personally experiencing just how effective working with Equine Assisted Therapy can be, I was delighted to be asked whether I would be willing to be involved with E.T.C. on a mentoring and supervisory capacity. I am committed to supporting and helping Nicky and Semira in growing their centre and am fortunate enough at this stage of my life to have the time to do so.

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